About us

Nice to meet you. Shizenyakuzen.com Co., Ltd. CEO Harima Ken.
I have worked at MSD Co.,Ltd. for 34 years and have realized that it is very important to keep healthy.

In order to derive the healing power that humans originally do not rely only on medicine, I think that it is very important to have power that exists in nature.

Therefore, by incorporating them into the body from the earth, plants, it will lead to keep healthy.

I think that it would be useful for your health care and founded Shizenyakuzen.com Co., Ltd. 

We sell oriental medicinal ingredients like Ophicocordyceps sinensis

, Hokutolite goods.

It is said that you can also expect diet and anti-aging for oriental medicinal dishes.
Continued eating them and drinking tea is very important.

Hokutolite goods have already gained overwhelming evaluation from many people in Japan.

How about wearing Hokutolite bracelets, pendants, anklets that can also be fashionable along with maintaining good health.

Thank you.

In addition, we are giving a lecture to people who wish to know more about health maintenance, oriental medicinal ingredients and even Kampo medicine.

I hope to talk with you while having a cup of coffee .
Anywhere in the country, of course, it can be overseas. If you can contact us we will contact you.


mail: info@shizenyakuzen.com 

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